How to Write a Copyright Notice for a WordPress Site

If you are a professional blogger or just an apprentice who wants to be the next big thing, each and every day you should be spending long hours looking at your laptop screen and waiting for the muse to come. We know it very well, because we do the same. People think that, being a professional blogger is an easy path for making money. Oh no, it certainly not! 

You really work hard just to prepare your next 500 words post. You need to pick an attractive topic and make the required research. It is a though job and may take hours or even days depending on your experience.

When you sit across your screen, you should find the correct phrases to express what is on your mind. If you become successful, then voila ! mission accomplished; you now have a glamorous post which your followers will like and share.

After publishing your post, you can finally relax and sip your coffee when you wait for the great user comments to drop in your mailbox.

But if there are some ill-intentioned people who wander around the cyberspace and try to steal your hardly created content as soon as it is posted, what could you do ?

Well, before initiating more proactive methods (which will be the subject of our another post) to build your defence lines, you may consider to put a copyright notice as a precautionary step.

Although it is not mandatory (In 1989, Berne convention was amended to US Copyright Act of 1976, the major US law regarding the copyright issues, and made the use of copyright notices optional), you had better place a copyright notice as a preventive measure.

This notice should be seen easily on your website. The most common practice is to place the notice in the footer section of your theme. This should be well enough to deter the people who are good in nature but are not thoroughly conscious about the consequences of a copyright infringement.

Here are some good examples of copyright notices which you may use on your site :

© 2016 All rights reserved.

© 2004 – 2016 All rights reserved.

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.

Copyright 2004 – 2016 All rights reserved.

As you may have noticed, you should first put the copyright symbol, ©. If you wish, you may also just write “Copyright”, whichever you want.

Following the copyright sign or word, put the year of first publication (e.g. 2016) or if you first went online in, let’s say, 2009, then you should put a time range (e.g. 2010-2016). It will show the years that your website has been active and you have been publishing through all those years.

Then, the name of your website (e.g. and finally “All rights reserved” phrase.

That is it !

By placing a chic copyright notice in your website, you completely warn people that your digital content is copyrighted and copying it without explicit consent of the owner may cause serious infringement problems.

For further reading for protecting your digital content, you may check this post about how to disable right clicking on wordpress.

Tolga Ayan

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