How to Disable Right Clicking for a WordPress Site

Although placing a copyright notice may deter some of the ill-intentioned people (you may check this post about copyright) to steal your digital content, maybe you should make their life harder by setting another line of defence.

As a WordPress website owner, you have the chance to implement one of the plugins that prevents your visitors to copy your text or images by right clicking or using copy short cut (Control-C).

Of course, if they are determined enough to steal your content, they may still simply write your post again. There is nothing to stop it. Well, let’s assume that this precaution will be good enough at least to for the lazy thieves to hesitate.

So, where to find these plugins and how to activate them ?

First log in to your WordPress account and click Plugins / Add New




After that, search with the key words right click disable



This search resulted 1.123 items. When you browse through these candidates, you should check;

  1. The version compatibility : It must be compatible with your WordPress’s version.
  2. The time it was last updated : Sooner is better. It shows that the developer is stil keeping his / her hands on it.
  3. Number of active installs : A bigger installation number can easily be interpreted as a clear indication of popularity.
  4. The yellow stars rating: Maximum number of stars is five. So, if a plugin gets five yellow star, it is perfect. But you had better also consider the number of votes that make this rating. For example; a plugin may get a 5 star rating, but if this rating comes from two people, you should take it into account cautiously.

To be able to learn your WordPres version, click the WordPress sign on the left hand corner of your dashboard and choose About WordPress


Your WordPress version number is the number after Welcome to WordPress phrase. In this example it is 4.6.1

Now, you have the tools to compare. Take your time !

Although there may be many other eligible choices, for the sake of giving an example, I choose WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click plugin



Let’s evaluate it according to our 4 criterias;

  • The version compatibility : It is compatible with our version
  • The time it was last updated : 4 weeks ago. Soon enough
  • Number of active installs : 40.000+. Good number
  • The yellow stars rating: 4 stars. Good.

It passed from all of our tests.

Click install now button.

After you click, it will turn into a Blue Activate button.



Hit the activate button.

It will take you to WordPress dashboard’s plugins page.



You are done !

Your plugin is active and running. Although it is the free version and lacks some of the paid version’s abilities, it is still good enough for basic protection.

For a real life test; try to copy this bold red statement both with your Mouse and Control shortcuts (try Ctrl C and Ctrl A)

When you try to copy the content, it gives warnings.

The plugin also hides the source code of the web page.

Try to get the source code (Use “View Source” of your browser or just Ctrl U).

Again, plugin will not allow you to see the source code and get the content.

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