How to Display Chitika Ads on WordPress Website

It might not be possible for some websites to be accepted directly into the Google Adsense Program. Or, even if you get the ticket, you may still be searching for an additional income stream from another source.

Well, then you might consider Chitika as a possible alternative.

Google Adsense is the most prominent and well known player in the ad field for sure.

Although I don’t see Chitika as a direct competitor with Google Adsense, at least it deserves a consideration and try.

In, I use both Google Adsense and Chitika. (This is important : Google Adsense and Chitika can live together happily on the same wordpress website. Update : At the bottom of the page)

I reserve the prime locations for Google Adsense.

So, let’s discover Chitika !

Chitika is a US company located at Massachusetts and they have branch offices in India.

They run ads on 30.000 websites.

Chitika shows targeted adds on your website, which is a good thing !

By targeted adds, your audience will come across with “relevant” adds when they visit your website.

Let me explain this a little bit more; They will see ads relevant to their search keywords that they used in Google to land to your website. If they say “potato” and land in to your website, then they will most likely see “Potato Chips” ads turning on your site.

This way, they will be more likely to click those adds and you will make more money.

But this is, at least as far as I have seen, in theory !

In real life, you may not come across with the “exact” relevant ads all the time.

I think there is still room for refinement in their ad/search keyword matching algorithm.

Chitika will pay you if your visitors click their ads (Chitika is a Cost Per Click aka Pay Per Click system)

Now, we can see how to install Chitika ads on your wordpress website:

Step 1 :

Register to Chitika (Just click one of the Chitika referral keywords in this article)

Keep your username and password nearby.

We will need those when we deal with the settings.

Step 2 :

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Plugins / Add New

Type Chitika on the search box

Find Chitika on the search results.

Click “Install Now” button

Click “Activate” button

Now, your Chitika is active and ready to use

 Step 3 :

Click Settings / Chitika

How to install chitika ads on your wordpress website

In Chitika settings menu;

Select where the ads to display (Yellow Arrow)

Select the placement of the ads (Blue Arrow)

Type your Chitika account username and password (Red Arrow)

How to install chitika ads to wordpress website

There are 26 different banner sizes that you can choose from.

Select one of them which is good for your site.

How to install Chitika ads to your wordpress website

Update Settings.

Well, that is it !

You configured your wordpress website to host Chitika ads.

I hope this article about “How to Display Chitika Ads on WordPress Website” is helpful for you.

(Update : After trying Chitika for almost 2 weeks, I decided not to use it anymore. It seems like their payment level much more lower than Google Adsense. I can see no point in placng their ads.) 

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