An Introduction to “Components” WordPress Starter Theme

An Introduction to Components WordPress Starter Theme Components is a wordpress “starter theme”.

A starter theme enables you to develop your own theme with ease.

You can hack it as you wish and turn it into the next big WordPress theme !

Components was developed by themeshaper and four years after Underscores(_s), it was released this year (2016).

For those who haven’t heard themeshaper before, it is the home of Automattic Theme Team.

These are the nice people behind great products like WordPress, Jetpack Gravatar and many others.

Components is the successor of Toolbox and Underscores(_s).

As the last comer, it is more capable than its predecessors.

It has 5 different  theme types (classic blog, modern blog, portfolio, magazine, business) that you can select.

You can get Components now and begin to work on it to create your own wordpress theme.

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