Basic Concepts of WordPress Theme Development

Basic Concepts of WP Theme Development Want to develop a WordPress Theme but don’t know where to start ?

Then you should keep on reading this article.

In this article, I will explain the most basic subjects of WordPress theme development one bite at a time in plain English.

# 1 :

A wordpress theme is not a single file.

It is made of many files.

These files all act together to form the appearance and functionality of a particular WordPress theme.

# 2 :

WordPress theme files are placed inside of subdirectories under wordpress themes directory (wp-content/themes/…)

For example, if you have a theme named “mynewwptheme” you should place it to wp-content/themes/mynewwptheme/

# 3 :

Don’t use numbers when you name your new wordpress theme !

If you use numbers, your theme may not appear on theme lists.

# 4 :

When you install wordpress, it always comes with a default theme.

# 5 :

A usual wordpress theme has three main types of files; style.css, index.php, functions.php

# 6 :

The leanest wordpress theme may come with only two files; style.css and index.php (of course this is in theory. In almost all cases, you will see more than these two files)

# 7 :

style.css is responsible from the appearance of a wordpress website.

It keeps Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) codes.

# 8 :

index.php is a wordpress “template file”

It is a file coded in PHP.

Index.php gets the data from your database and presents it as HTML to your visitors.

# 9 :

In theory, you may have just one template file (index.php)

But, normally you should divide index.php into functional sub-files.

# 10 :

There are 19 theme template files recognized by WordPress.

The most significant ones are;

  • comments.php
  • footer.php
  • header.php
  • sidebar.php

# 11 :

functions.php is optional.

Basically, you may think about it as a plugin.

It holds some functions.

If it is inside of your theme, it loads automatically during the initialization.

# 12 :

The comment lines at the head of style.css are required.

These comments enable WordPress to identify the theme.

# 13 :

It is not allowed themes to have the same header.

So, if you are developing a theme based on an existing one, then you should change these comments lines.

# 14 :

The author name can be either author’s username or his / her real name.

It is up to the author’s wish.

I hope this very basic introduction to theme development is helpful for you.

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