How To Add Code Inside of a WordPress Article

1Sometimes, you may want to add a piece of software code (like C++, Java or even HTML) into your WordPress post. If you write your code directly in WordPress visual editor, it will look like an ordinary paragraph (just like the C code snippet written below).

But if you want your code to look like “code” (not like an ordinary paragraph) but not to behave like a real code, then writing your code directly on WordPress visual editor may not be the best solution for you.  So, what should you do ?

How to Create a Sitemap for a WordPress Site

Having a sitemap is very important for your website’s visibility on the internet. As you may guess, even you have great content, it means nothing if people can not find it on their google searches. Search Engine Optimization (or commonly used as SEO) will be a real buzzword that you will hear a lot in your blogger career. It would be a wise move to have a sitemap for your SEO. (more…)

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